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Drill Writing Services

One of my specialties is drill design for marching bands. Aside from studying with Penn State Blue Band director Dr. O Richard Bundy in MUSIC 450 (Teaching Marching Band) at Penn State, I also have five seasons of experience with Penn State Blue Band as a performer and observer of some of the finest marching band staff in the country. As the drum major, I had hands-on experience teaching drill. As a result, I have a thorough understanding of how to design drill so that it can be interpreted and executed with ease.


I am currently accepting clients for drill design at the high school level.  Please fill out the contact form below for a quote. I am very flexible working within progam budget restructions and still produce a high quality, professional-level product.



Completed projects include:
- Pyware drill files with .WAV audio files for synchronization


- Two YouTube videos: one with a "talk-through" of all sets/movements, and one run-through video

- PDF of field charts with clear, written instructions for each set

- Individualized, set-by-set coordinate sheets for every student

- One-on-one consultation with director/staff to discuss effective drill instruction


Past clients include:
Wallenpaupack Area High School Buckhorn Band - 2011
Wallenpaupack Area High School Buckhorn Band - 2012
Wallenpaupack Area High School Buckhorn Band - 2013


Lady Madonna/Magical Mystery Tour - Show Opener

Wallenpaupack Area High School Band, 2013

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