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  • Responsible for contacting various music-education related websites, publications, and businesses about potential endorsements and advertising. Responsible for working with PR/Social Media, Web/Mobile Developers to establish an attractive "brand" for the product, and ensure that the service comes off to potential clients as reliable, easy-to-use, and a convenient way to improve the quality of an instrumental music program or private music studio.

  • 10% share of overall licensing/advertisement profit



  • Development of a "brand" for the service (may include taglines, logos, slogans, etc.)

  • Selling or exchanging advertising with businesses in the music education industry (Examples: NAfME, state music education organizations, JW Pepper/other publishing companies, NAMM, Robert M. Sides/other music stores)

  • Researching and contacting individual music teachers (university-level, high school level, middle school level, and private instructors).

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