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Mobile Developer




  • Responsible for the creation of mobile apps compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Applications must coincide with the visual theme of the main website. Must develop a simple, yet effective User Interface (UI), and ensure that the recording function of the application works reliably. Developer must collaborate with the web developer to ensure that recordings upload to the same system used on the main website. The mobile developer is responsible for routine troubleshooting and improvements.

  • 20% share of overall licensing/advertisement profit



  • Development of functional iPhone/Android applications

  • Development of a login gateway which accesses account information found in the database developed by the web developer.

  • Application must be able to record audio, display a session timer, and include a comments section for each practice session submission.

  • Application must be able to play back audio from existing sessions, and access the teacher's benchmarks for each session.

  • Development of an excuse submittal form, which uploads to the same database found on the website for teacher access.

  • Develop a customizable push message reminder option on mobile app for students.



The mobile apps will ideally be developed in phases of functionality - the basic features needed for launch will be emphasized first, with additional features added periodically.


Mobile developer's complete "to-do" list will be released via Google Doc after a group consultation before the official start of development.


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