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MUSIC 395B | MUSIC 345

During the 2012 Spring Semester, I studied MUSIC 345 and MUSIC 395B (Instructional Techniques in Music Education).


This experience further allowed me to observe and teach my peers, as well as students in the schools surrounding Penn State University in areas such as Elementary General Music, Elementary Band, and Secondary Band. Below are three video excerpts from teaching episodes, including lesson plans and reflection documents.

Elementary Band Peer Teaching - April 2012

In this experience, I had to devise a lesson to teach a principle of musical expression.  I created an activity in which students explored properties of what comprises spoken and/or written language, and how it can be analogous to how composers communicate and emphasize ideas through music.

Secondary Band Peer Teaching - March 2012

In this experience, I was given a score of Grade III band music and was to study the score and create an exercise (including transposed parts), and then teach a lesson based on the challenges of this particular piece. I chose to focus on articulations such as staccato and marcato which can be seen in the video.

Elementary General; Mt. Nittany Elementary - February 2012

In this experience, I worked with a group of other students to teach an entire 4th grade general music class.  My portion of the teaching included doing an activity focused on getting students to read notation in triple meter.

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