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In MUSIC 395A (Cohort Practicum I), taken during the 2011 Fall Semester, I had the experience to observe and teach students in the schools surrounding Penn State University.  


The video to the right shows me reviewing a dance to a song which I taught along with other 395A students to 7th grade students at Mt. Nittany Middle School.  Immediately below the video is my lesson plan for the activity, and a post-reflection on the experience.


On the bottom of the page are reflections on the course, as well as my responses to other in-school observation experiences from MUSIC 395A.

This document reflects on how I grew as an educator during the Fall 2011 semester.

This document is a reflection of an observation of a high school choir rehearsal at Bellefonte High School in October of 2011.

This document is a reflection of an observation of an elementary school general music class at Park Forest Elementary School in October of 2011

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