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(University Study)

Primary Instrument Emphasis - Voice (Lyric Tenor)

Education included eight semesters of weekly hour-long lessons with my private studio instructor, tenor Richard Kennedy.

View his biography via the Penn State School of Music website.




Instrumental Experience

- Primary Instruments:
     + Voice, 4 years university-level study

     + Tuba, 16 years experience

- Secondary Instruments:

     + Electric Bass Guitar, 16 years experience
     + Euphonium, 16 years experience

     + Trumpet, 7 years experience

     + Trombone, 6 years experience


- Other Instruments with Previous Experience:

     + Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon,

            -- Secondary-level methods coursework experience

     + French Horn, Percussion, Violin, Double Bass

            -- Methods coursework experience

     + Piano, 

            -- Proficiency-level experience


University Ensemble Memberships

- Penn State Concert Choir (8 semesters)
     + Dr. Christopher Kiver, conductor (2012-13)
     + Dr. Lynn Drafall, conductor (2009-12)


 - Penn State University Marching Blue Band (5 seasons)
     + Dr. O. Richard Bundy, director


 - Penn State Glee Club (2 semesters)
     + Dr. Christopher Kiver, conductor


 - Penn State University Choir (2 semesters)
     + Dr. Anthony Leach, conductor


 - Penn State Fall Athletic Band (2 seasons)
     + Gregory Drane, director


 - Penn State Essence of Joy (1 semester)
     + Dr. Anthony Leach, conductor


 - Pride of the Lions Basketball Pep Band (1 season)
     + Gregory Drane, director


 - Penn State Concert Band (1 semester)
     + Dr. O. Richard Bundy, director



Solo Performances

- Soloist, Brindisi from La Traviata, Penn State Concert Choir
  President's Concert, Natl. Presbyterian Church, Washington D.C.
  February 8, 2013

- Soloist, Weary Traveller, arr. Bruce Trinkley,
  Penn State University Choir, Spring 2009


Senior Recital


Below are two performance excerpts with an accompanying link to the program from my senior voice recital, which took place at the Penn State University Park campus on April 26, 2013.














































Abendlied (1837) - Felix Mendelssohn

Duet with Alexandra Vecchio, soprano

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