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Centre Daily Times, 2012

Centre Daily Times

Public Domain Profile

February 2012

An interview with Public Domain, the band in which I play bass guitar and sing backup vocals. The article comes from Centre County, PA's leading newspaper talking about our success, passion, and love for music.



By John Marsh — For the CDT


If you’re a regular at Cafe 210 West, you’re probably already familiar with local band Public Domain. If you haven’t heard their music, you’re missing out.

Public Domain is a cover band featuring local students lighting up the local scene with their own brand of rock ’n’ roll shenanigans. The band said they’re committed to bringing a different form of cover band to the State College area.


“We are a cover band and have defined ourselves as a rock band, differentiating from most of the top 40 and pop music that is performed at bars these days,” said Pat Usher, the band’s vocalist and acoustic guitarist. “We play rock songs from about the past 30 to 40 years. Our set list is pretty eclectic, and we are often complimented on our unique choices of songs.” Think Jimmy Eat World, Stevie Wonder, Incubus, Say Anything, Dave Matthews and Queen in one set.


Usher and and drummer Pat Shahabian formed the band in August 2010. The two added Seth Mehle on guitar and vocals and Tim Higgins on lead guitar. Eventually, the band added bassist and vocalist Ian Kenney. When Shahabian left the band, Kyle Harris stepped in to take over the drums.


You can find the band at local haunts as well as special events and parties.


“We have now maintained a weekly Thursday night spot Cafe 210 West for a year, with no intention of leaving. ... We are looking to expand to different locations for this spring,” Usher said.


Public Domain demonstrates an unbridled passion for their music and a sense of camaraderie that borders on the bromantic.


“Without music, I don’t know how I’d get through the day. It’s always been my biggest passion, and it fuels every aspect of my life. Every time I’m on stage with Public Domain I feel free and alive,” Harris said. “It’s an adrenaline rush. I’ve played in bands my entire life but have never had such an incredible time making music as I have with Public Domain. I ... would do nothing but play music with the rest of the guys all day, every day, if I could.”


The band’s passion is palpable through their emotional performances, and each member has a true love of all things music.


“Playing music means a great deal to me,” Kenney added. “First, it’s my means of creative and individual expression. Second, I love the joy that playing music brings to others. It’s also a job and a source of income, but it’s a job that I’d work a hundred hours a week if I could.”


Public Domain are State College proud and look to be a fixture here for a long time to come.


“I feel like we’ve already accomplished everything we could have dreamed was possible with this band, if not more,” Usher said. “We’ve all spent many years in legitimate, touring bands in our earlier years and simply wanted an outlet for our shared passion. What has resulted is a fantastic group of raw extreme talent being complemented perfectly by each member, and it has allowed us to make a steady income in a way we’ve always dreamed.”


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