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SoundBox Features


Teacher Version:

  • Set weekly "benchmarks" for student practicing based on either: weekly total time, minimum days, and/or minimum per-session practice time. 

  • Gradebook mode allows teachers to:

    • View current grades based on submissions, with an option to edit or override automated grading (ideal for students with special needs/individualized emphasis plans)

    • View individual student's progress, progress by instrument, or by ensemble

    • View waveforms of each practice session

    • Listen to each practice session

    • View practice session video (if applicable - featured to be added later)

  • Username/password registry - recover student's login information

  • View excuses submitted by students and approve/deny requests


Student Version:

  • Submit practice sessions through any computer with a built-in microphone (peripheral microphone also supported)

  • iPhone/Android-compatible apps allow students to submit practice sessions, submit excuses, and view previous practice sessions

  • Support for video recording if desired


Additional Features:

  • Push messages/notifications supported for mobile devices - customizable by students to remind them to practice at a particular time. 



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