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During my second year in the School of Music (Spring 2011), I gained valuable teaching experience in MUSIC 295A (Early Field Experience in Music Education) by presenting an activity to my peers. Additionally, I spent the semester doing a case study focusing on one child's musical growth at the Bennett Family Child Care Center on the Penn State University Park Campus.



Here is an example of the task analysis that I used for my activity,                                 Here is the actual activity done in a class setting.
    which involved teaching a song using piano accompaniment.                                Click on the bottom right button to view in full screen.






After watching the video to the right, this is my personal reflection
   on the positives and negatives of my peformance on the activity.











I was assigned to observe a child at the Bennett Center, where we participated in music classes on Friday mornings throughout the semester. Below is a summary of my case study, which involved observing his level of participation, his types of preparatory audiation and tonal/rhythm achievement, and changes in any of those characteristics.

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